Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Common Things

The following is a list of common concepts that are commonly found within a data warehouse or transaction database.

Some things to think about:
1. Table Names
a. Domain Tables
b. Domension Tables
c. Rule Tables
d. Fact Tables
e. Index Tables
f. Log or Change History Tables
g. General Table
2. Table Column Names
a. ID, SK
b. Code, Name, Description
c. Binary Indicators/Flags
d. Ranges: Start and End
e. CreatedBy, ModifiedBy, CreatedDateTime, ModifiedDateTime
f. EffectiveDate, ExpiredDate
3. View Names
a. Current Views
b. Historical Views
c. Dimension Views
d. Pipeline Views
4. Stored Procedure Names
a. Insert, Update, Delete, Select
b. Import, Export, Transform, Map, Sessionize
5. Trigger Names
a. Insert, Update, Delete Triggers
6. Function Names
a. Encrypt
b. Hash
c. Specialized Calculations

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