Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How To: Advanced Queryable Compression (Continued from previous post)

Reducing I/O for a processing Pipeline is critical when processing high volume of data. By reducing your I/O you reduce the load on the network, Hard Drives, and CPU memory.

The following is a research paper from Vijayshankar Raman called:
“How to Wring a Table Dry: Entropy of Relations and Querying of Compressed Relations”.

Here is Vijayshankar Raman's website:

Summary Coverage:
•Numeric Column compression
•Skew compression
•Correlating columns within a Tuple
•Incidental Tuple Ordering
•Tuple Correlations
•Delta Coding
•Huffman Code Scan Operations
•Segregated Coding
•Query Short Circuiting
•Results in 8x – 40x compression which still can be query-able without being decompressed

This is a continuation from a previous post:

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