Wednesday, December 25, 2013

SQL Server PDW - Big Data Warehouse

This diagram is a breakdown of how to logically setup a Big Data Warehouse using SQL Server MDS, HDInsight, and SQL Server PDW Appliance.  Its takes advantage of the PDW power and flips the traditional ETL to a ELT process.   This provides less breakpoints and makes the Operational Data Store (ODS) available within the PDW for business to query against when the Atomic Facts are not sufficient.  Business can even query raw logs stored in HDInsight through PolyBase for adhoc analysis.  Cool stuff.  I wish I could have my own personal SQL Server PDW Appliance.  Got a $1,500,000 to donate, anyone?

SQL Server PDW Appliance is apparently the cheapest per TB in the industry. See Comparitive PDW Pricing with Competition.

Here is a great link for understanding Implementing SQL PDW using Kimball Approach .
Here is a great link for how to migrate SQL Server to SQL Server PDW.
Here is a interesting link for a guestimate technical breakdown on hardware and estimated value.
Here is a SSIS vs T-SQL in Proof of Concept PDW Experiences

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