Sunday, January 19, 2014

On-Site + Azure Cloud = Hybrid

On-Site + Azure Cloud = Hybrid:  There are many reasons why a company will not place there enterprise in the cloud quite yet.
  • The data warehouse may contain business critical information that would be detrimental to the company if exposed to the public and the company is not comfortable with atomic data being hosted in the Cloud yet until security has improved.
  • Or it may be that the ETL process may end up being too brittle due to unreliable internet connection in the area and latency is important.
  • Or the ETL process may require more bandwidth then is available in the area.
So this Hybrid Topology may prove to be useful compromise.  It ETLs a small aggregated set of data into a datamart up in the Azure cloud for an analytics server and a reporting tool, also hosted in Azure, can access.  This leaves the Enterprise Data Warehouse On-Site close to the physical business.     

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