Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Modeling Questionnaire

Here are some strategic questions to ask key business personnel to help accurately model how the business uniquely defines its information.

Entity Questions:1. What is the list of Items (or Entities) that you are tracking or would like to track?
2. How do you uniquely identify each {Entity Name Here} ?
3. Do you manually assign identification to each {Entity Name Here}?
4. Can the unique identifier change for a {Entity Name Here}?

Entity Relationship Questions:
1. Can {Entity A} have 1 or more {Entity B}?
2. Can {Entity B} have 1 or more {Entity A}?
3. Can {Entity A} exist without {Entity B}?
4. Can {Entity B} exist without {Entity A}?

Entity Subtyping Questions:
1. Are there one or more types of {Entity Name Here}?
2. Is a {Entity Name Here} a type of {Entity Name Here}?
3. Can a {Entity Name Here} be classified under more than one subtype?

Entity Attribute Questions:
1. What is the list of attributes that you directly associate with a {Entity Name Here}?
2. Is this {Entity Attribute Name Here} Required?
3. Is this {Entity Attribute Name Here} Changeable?
4. Is this {Entity Attribute Name Here} made up of multiple values?
5. Is this {Entity Attribute Name Here} a Calculated value?
6. Is this {Entity Attribute Name Here} unique?
7. Does this {Entity Attribute Name Here} be selected from a standard list of values?

Entity Mastering and Business Ownership Questions:
1. What is the list business areas that are affected by this information model?
2. Does {Entity Name Here} get mastered by this {Business Area}?
3. Does {Entity Name Here} get used by this {Business Area}?

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