Conceptual Enterprise Models

Please click on the links below to see each data model diagram.

For greater details please see my PDF file here (Baseline Conceptual ERP Model - Scott Thornton.pdf)

General Models

  • Calendar - A flexible model for defining standard, fiscal, or non-standard calendars.
  • Scheduled Event - A model that defines modular schedules that can be applied to any calendar. 
  • Party - A model representing organizations, internal structure, and people with contact points.
  • Party & Account - A model representing the Party and Accounts with contact points. 
  • Location - A model representing logical or physical locations.
  • Contract Agreements - A model representing EULAs, Pricing Agreements, and SLAs.
  • Account Member and Profile - A model for representing profiles.

Product Models

Entitlement Models

Part Models

Order Models

Shipping Models

Invoice Models

Service and Repair Models

  • Call Incident - A model representing the tier customer support.  
  • Service Request - A model representing the service request for return, exchange, repair, or technical support.
  • Technical Support Request - A model representing the technical support request.
  • Repair Order - A model representing the customer service or internal repair order.
  • Repair Assessment - A model representing what parts and labor are required for repairing a part.
  • Repair Quote - A Model representing the estimate cost in parts and labor for a part. 


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