Friday, January 03, 2014

Baseline Conceptual Models: Part Serialization Model

Part Serialization Model:  Some parts are serialized to track each instance of the part.   Serial numbers are guaranteed to be unique for that part and is tracked in a serial master.   Each serial number also has a Bill of Materials that tracks exactly what Serialized and Non-Serialized Parts make up the part.  As each part is created it is placed in inventory.   Over a life cycle of a serialized part it can be returned for repair.  Each time it is repaired an As-Maintained Bill of Materials is built to track what was repaired.

Serial Part Master:  A serial master will track a part's Serial Number as well as the original manufacture's serial number when re-serialization is required.

Product Key Card Master:  Product Keys are given to manufactures to place on Cards, DVDs, or inside instruction jackets.  Tracking the packing of the product keys in what part through a parts bill of materials is important for security purposes.  Though this feature may be a luxury for some manufactures.  

Please see (Baseline Conceptual Models Commentary) for further details on what conceptual models are to be used for.

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