Thursday, January 02, 2014

Baseline Conceptual Models: Location Model

Location Model: Locations are logical or physical spatial maps that can represent a site, store, warehouse, dock, floor, room, or a bin in a room.   It can also represent a logical concept as digital locations.  From an enterprise modeling perspective I mostly use location for inventory purposes.  This model depends on the Party Model.

Note: There are some stranger concepts of locations in which represent in between locations in which inventory is on a truck going from place to place.  I call that location as "In Transit".  This location is usually used in inventory control.   Inventory can't be removed from a company inventory when your redistributing the inventory to other locations.  Inventory that is in transit still needs to be accounted for as inventory and be given a location of In Transit.

Please see (Baseline Conceptual Models Commentary) for further details on what conceptual models are to be used for.

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