Friday, January 03, 2014

Baseline Conceptual Models: Product Key Unlock & Activation Model

Product Key Unlock and Activation Model: Product Keys need to be activated by the customer.   This activation should be tracked to deter fraud and also enable cloud features depending on the type of product key.  This model is dependent on the Product Specification Model.

Product Keys: Products are activated using product keys.   Product keys are mastered by the company and are placed on activation cards, DVD cases, or downloaded from a product key vault by the customer.
  • Unsecured reserved product keys are provided to packaging manufactures so that they can package up your product and place the product keys inside the box or DVD.   
  • Secured reserved product keys are used on product cards that a customer can buy at a store.  The product keys are unlocked at the point of sale by the store so that the customer can use it to activate the product.  
  • Unreserved product keys are keys that are directly downloaded by the customer from a product key vault and may be generated on the fly.
Please see (Baseline Conceptual Models Commentary) for further details on what conceptual models are to be used for.

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