Thursday, January 02, 2014

Baseline Conceptual Models: Scheduled Event Model

Scheduled Event Model:   Events, Anniversaries, Holidays, Vacations, Meeting Schedules, Pipeline Execution Schedule, and Appointments are just a few types of events people, companies, or machines need to track.  This conceptual model works with the Calendar Model and Party Model to cover the ability to create an event calendar someone can add to there personal calendar to show the scheduled events for a given subject area, group, or person.  Example:  National Holidays, Company Paid Holidays, Company Wide Events, Personal Vacation Schedule, Birthday List, etc....  In application I can add to my personal calendar the list of national holidays for the U.S., the Company Paid Holidays, Company Events, and the Pipeline Execution Schedule to keep me informed.  

Please see (Baseline Conceptual Models Commentary) for further details on what conceptual models are to be used for.

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