Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Baseline Conceptual Models: Call Incident Model

Call Incident Model:  When a company sells products it is necessary to provide assistance to their customers in support of the goods and services bought.   So a support service is created to take incoming customer calls.  The people that take on the support calls maybe in-house or outsourced to one or more companies for cost savings.  The goal of the support service to increase customer satisfaction through solid product support.  Each call made to the call center is tracked as a "Call Incident".   A call may result in one or service requests or linked to an already open service request if the caller is calling back about an already open service request.   Callers can be individual customers or the can be companies.  Callers also can be vendors or partners that are in need to repair or return products.  This model is dependent on Service Request Model, Party and Account Model, and Location Model.

Please see (Baseline Conceptual Models Commentary) for further details on what conceptual models are to be used for.

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